To the Tenset Customer Service desk. Use this to access product support, or to ask us any questions.

Product Support
When contacting us be sure to tell us the name of the product you need support for, and your serial number (if you don't know this, use the 'About...' option on the Help menu within the program). IMPORTANT: if your email address has changed since you first obtained the product, please tell us your old email address as well in the support request else we might not be able to identify you. Click here to proceed: Submit a request

Other Enquiries Including Pre-Sales
Please click here to proceed: Submit a request

Frequently Asked questions
For FAQs covering many aspects of our products, including technical and ordering queries, please use these links:

PedPro FAQs
Breeders Assistant
Breeders Assistant FAQs
Pedigree Assistant
Pedigree Assistant FAQs
PedScope FAQs
GedScape FAQs